5 Best Home Appliances That You Can’t Live without

Owing a home is everyone’s dream. When a dream comes true, you live merrily! Once you move into your domicile you start collecting essentials for a convenient living.

“Family begins at kitchen”, isn’t it. We all want a few kitchen gadgets that are needed to make mouthwatering dishes for your beloved. Sitting together on a dining table with your family having a warm conversation is all you need after a hectic day.

Your whole day is sorted when important home appliances are there to serve you. Being a middle-class family we do not spend money on all electrical equipment else we look for those without which we can’t live without.

To complete your abodes, buying the listed best home appliances will not only save your money and time but will make you work simple and joyful.

  1. Fan & Air Coolers: Imagine your life without a fan.  Summers in India are extremely hot and humid. We need fan and coolers to combat the heat. There are many types of fans and coolers in the market. Coolers are categorized into three categories tower, desert and personnel depending upon the usage.
  2. Refrigerator: To keep staple food fresh for a longer period of time the fridge is the best appliance. Vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat etc every food item can be stored in it. How can we miss chilled water bottles popped from the fridge during those hot summer days?

Yes, we admit that it tops the list. Especially, if you live in a hot region it becomes a requirement. With the latest technologies, fridges have got a makeover. You get the single door, double door, door sensors and what not.

  • Mixer Grinder: Mixer Grinder was invented by Herbert Johnson in 1908. Since then it is one of the best home appliances that has not replaced by any other tool.

Whether you want a juice or want powdered spices, everything can be done by the mixer. There are many different mixer grinders available in the market.

  • Washing Machine: The washing machine is the most important technology invented in the 20th century. It gave freedom to women from laundry across the globe. It helps a lot especially when you are working women. Hence, it has to be mentioned here.
  • Water heaters/ Geysers: Geysers are daily needed equipment that eradicates water boiling for daily chores like bathing, cleaning etc.  Winters knock the door and we all try to escape from water-related work. Getting hot water makes the job easier. Do you agree with us and don’t have one.


Experience of your own home is unique. Whether your home is small or big it has sentiments and lifetime expedition attached to it. When blessed with all the essential belongingness you live a satisfactory life.  Life becomes easy and convenient.

If you were looking for the best home appliances that are highly essential, hope this article has helped you in choosing one for your home. If you feel that we missed something or you want to share that home appliance which is imperative according to you, let us know

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