Review of the eBookwise 1150 Portable Ebook Reading Device


This is a quick review of the rebranded ET2 - 1150 ebook reader. I am no photographer, so forgive me if the photos are a bit rough. The ET2 - 1150 was originally sold by Gemstar but retail sales ended in 2003 when Gemstar closed its online store. These unsold devices were languishing in a warehouse.

Enter ebook retailer They have rescued these ebook readers and rebranded them under their own name with a dedicated ebook store, which is easy to use and buy from, for support.

I ordered my 1150 on a Sunday night at the eBookwise website. On Thursday my new 1150 was delivered. Everything was in good order except the stylus for the tap screen was missing. My e-mail the next day about the stylus was answered very promptly and a new stylus is to be sent to me. Update: Stylus arrived by FedEx 2nd day express! :)

The manual recommends charging the reader for only 2 hours before using so I did that while reading though the printed Quick Start Guide [PDF] and downloading the USB driver for my Macintosh computer.

After 2 hours of charging I went about registering my device by following the instructions in the Quick Start Guide. With a little fiddling I figured it out in about 10 minutes. Good my device is registered!

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eBookwise - 1150 The screen is back lit and the background does not look greenish when turned on and seen with the naked eye. PDA included for scale.

1150 ebook reader plus carrying pouch, A/C plus, phone cord. Not shown: USB cable and the Quick Start Manual (oops I forgot them) :)